Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More on Weatherford Report, and a coming mailbag.

08/05/08: I'm having a hard time writing quality stuff right now. I do expect to have 2 pieces up by the end of this weekend, in addition to the stuff I mentioned below. By the way, Florida won in the LLWS over South Dakota 10-0 in 4 innings.

I finished the stuff I was working on for work. It's now time to get back to bringing you guys the 'Nole Insight I know you come here for.

  • The Daniel Allyn Hood research is coming along very well. I appreciate every one's help with that. Still though, I plan to sit on that story and unleash it during one of our first 2 game weeks.
  • I conducted an interview with an expert on the Georgia Bulldogs. They started 3 freshmen on their offensive line last year. Expect that in the next few days.
  • I know I've promised a Mailbag for a while, and that is coming as well. I often work on several projects at once and I need to stop that. Do you like the idea of weaving user comments into the articles? Let me know.
  • FSUncensored put their entry into 1270theteam's J.C.S. Poll (The official college football poll of the Jeff Cameron Show). I can tell you that UGA and to a lesser extent USC will be dropping some after suffering some injuries.
    • I'm considering going on Jeff's show on a weekly basis to discuss the 'Noles, still need to talk to Jeff about it though. Wouldn't it be a shock to hear Jeff be the more reserved guy in a Florida State interview? If you don't already listen to Jeff on a daily basis at work, you really should.
  • Hines and I run another Blog where we keep track of all the college football injuries. He's in the middle of a move right now, but usually we update on Monday and Thursday.
  • Also in the works: An article profiling who the Noles can least afford to lose to injury, from worst to first. This isn't a "best player list", it's a "Most value over replacement player" list, or MVRP.

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I added your site to our blogroll over at DFIG. Bill at Scalp Em introduced me to the site and I read it daily. Excellent analysis. Keep up the good work.