Monday, August 25, 2008

Update on the missing 5 and thoughts about the new NCAA rules.

  • Mincey (important DT), Graham (possible TE contributor), and Dunham (H-Back type) are still not enrolled at FSU. Their transcripts have not been approved at this point. Today was the first day of classes. I am about 99% sure that they will not participate in FSU football this year. Let's break down the impact:
    • Mincey was projected to be a starter, he was very talented. I am very disappointed that he could not meet FSU's easy standards. I have known many people who don't attend class, don't have access to tutors, who party daily, and keep more than a 2.75 GPA. From a football fan angle, we need to have programs that can get these type kids into very easy classes. A few kids receiving watered down degrees every year doesn't damage my degree in my opinion.
      • UPDATE: Mincey made the grades and is back! Retaining Mincey while losing Graham & Dunham (see below) is the best possible thing that could happen.
    • Graham was a trouble maker and a liability. I am glad he is no longer on the team. He had decent, but not spectacular talent. This will free up another scholarship. I will again restate my view on thinning our roster. If you are not poised to make a solid contribution by the time you are a junior because of your talent or work ethic, and not due to a position logjam, I want to cut you.
    • Dunham was a total bust. A relic of the Nepotism Era, Dunham's progress consistently disappointed observers. This is a good loss.
  • Jermaine Thomas returned to practice today after an academic related scare. This was not related to cheating and was a qualifications issue. This is an important break for FSU.

New Rules
  • The play clock will now start immediately once the ball is blown dead as opposed to when the referee blew the play ready. The clock consists of 40 seconds, not 25. Also, except within 2 minutes, when the player runs out of bounds, the clock will start upon the reset of the ball and not the snap.
    • Impact: Game play will be more consistent across the conferences. I expect there to be about 5 fewer plays per game. I've based this off of conversations with other college football guys. If we see 64 plays per game instead of 72, expect scoring to be down some. Totals players should take note. I really think this favors teams leading at the end of the game, since the clock will run immediately instead of waiting for the referee to spot the ball.
  • The NCAA clarified the rules on chop blocking in an attempt to protect players.
    • Impact: Good. This is absolutely a direct result of the ridiculous block that Auburn laid on Glen Dorsey of LSU.
    • FSU Impact: this could hurt FSU and similarly Trickett- styled lines since they frequently employ the cut block. Cut blocks sometimes border on chop blocks.


Hammered said...

On the reported that Justin Mincey was finally cleared... That just leaves us with the two freshman tight ends to worry about now....

Chili said...

Auburn also pulled out their chop blocks on some of Clemson's DTs during the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

Scalper said...


forgot to update the new name in the blogroll.

The new DFIG blog name is

I really wish we had a first week game so I could get more excited.