Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Week 1 Poll

Rank Team Last Week Comment
1 USC 3 The team appears to be hitting on all cylinders.
2 Oklahoma 2 Looked okay, not great.
3 Florida 4 The offense finally turned it on. This team has incredible speed. Barring hurricane Hannah putting a damper on things, they should name their score against Miami.
4 Ohio State 1 Their defense is still loaded, the offensive line looks great, two wideouts on the biletnikof list, and an experienced senior be. Oh yeah, the best running back in the country is injured. Tressel is treating this with Saban gloves. Be wary.
5 Georgia 5 Stafford looked erratic in their win over Georgia Southern. They suffered another huge injury. Jeff Owens (one of it not the top rated DT prospect in the NFL Draft) tore his cal. By my count, Georgia lost its best offensive and defensive lineman in the past 2 weeks.
6 Missouri 6 This offense is ridiculous, but the pass defense is a cause for concern.
7 LSU 12 Sometimes I forget how dominant their lines are. Les isn't afraid to pound teams. I worry about their DB's and their QB's are still unproven.
8 West Virginia 9 Passing offense looked very good against FCS opponent. They will have a minor test with ECU this weekend.
9 Texas 10 Texas got the job done against FAU. I didn't watch this game.
10 South Florida 11 Should pound UCF in a slight look ahead game (Kansas)
11 Alabama 25 Terrance Cody is an NFL player wearing a college uniform. 11 is probably too high, but they were very impressive and don't face a real test for a while.
12 Texas Tech 7 This offense should operate at an all-time great level. Interesting test this weekend at Nevada. Leach needs to avoid getting trapped in desert.
13 South Carolina 15 The defense looked amazing. They played NC State. The offense was horrible. They should crush Vanderbilt Thursday.
14 BYU 16 Veteran, experienced team of 22 year olds? Yes please.
15 Notre Dame 18 A lot of talent that should come together. Questions about the secondary linger. If they don't go 300 passing and 200 rushing against hapless SDSU, I'm dropping them
16 Wisconsin 19 They did what they were supposed to do against Akron, the real text comes in two weeks.
17 California 23 Proved explosive in win over Michigan State. I do have some concerns over their defense. With Oregon's QB situation unsettled, this is my #2 Pac 10 team.
18 Oregon 17 After losing their starter to a knee injury, their backup went down with a concussion. Chip Kelley once again proved he is the best assistant coach in America as Oregon rolled up several hundred rushing yards while pounding Washington. The Huskies knew what was coming and still couldn't stop it. Oregon's secondary is outstanding
19 Auburn 13 The passing offense was horrid. The defense and running game were excellent. By looking at the box score, you'd never know they have a new offense.
20 Penn State 20 They rolled Coastal Carolina and should probably do the same to Oregon State, who lost their entire front 7 from 2007.
21 Utah 22 See BYU. Experienced QB. Their upset of Michigan was ugly and disappointing to those who thought their offense would click more than it did. A win in the big house, however, is still a road win in front of 100K+
22 Arizona State 24 They are good everywhere except offensive line. Their Oline is horrid.
23 Fresno State NR They throttled Fresno State. Well coached with good athletes.
24 Tennessee 14 A disappointing effort at UCLA. That said, it was a west coast road trip. People will underrate them going forward, maybe justifiably so.
25 Oklahoma State NR Oklahoma State went on the road to play a BCS team, albeit a horrible one in Washington State. They throttled them. I like to see offenses that click early. Zach Robinson is a very good player and Oklahoma State has the look of the best 4th-place team the BXII South has ever seen

Dropped Out

Clemson 8 Pathetic effort. Their offensive linemen are horrible and make FSU's 2006 and 2007 lines look decent.

Virginia Tech 21 Proving once again that special teams can put you over the top, but won't put you up the wall to get over the top.


Jon said...

alabama at 11? crazy. they looked good but clemson was way overrated. if clemson had been rated in the high-teens to low twenties where they should have been alabama would be looking at a mid-teens ranking, which is probably about where they belong. don't forget the same thing happened last year with them beating a very overrated arkansas team. by the way ASU at 22? ludacris.

Scalper said...

Alabama had a really quality win. If they stay healthy, they will continue to be a very good team. If they lose guys in their front 7, they are at risk of dropping out of the top 25.

As for the Sun Devils, I did move them up 2 spots. They lost some key guys off of last year's team. Their offensive live was "hide the women and children bad." I didn't get to watch last Saturday. I hope to catch some of this week's game. If their OLine is improved, I'll bump them into the 13-18 range.

I was wrong about Spurrier working his magic with that offense.